Hand Crafted

New Google Street View Hand Crafted Virtual Tours for your business

These high end tours are aimed towards those businesses who demand the ultimate quality in all their marketing material.

Hand Crafted Virtual Tour Description

Hand crafted virtual tours are crisper and have a greater depth of detail.

Designed to appeal to those who appreciate the finer thing in life.

Handcrafted tours will showcase the quality of your premises. to an extent that the standard Google Virtual Tour simply cannot reach.

For a start the latest generation of high end photographic equipment is used to capture the untimate level of detail that is possible.

Content is shot in lossless RAW so that there is no degradation of image quality that can arise from shooting in the more common JEPG format.

An extended tonal range is captured with up to a nine exposure stop range compared to the standard three.

Manual white balance to ensure that the colours are as close to reality as possible.

Manually metered exposures based on incident light readings for total exposure accuracy.

Each sphere is created from up to 36 individual frames, three times more than the standard offering.

The original image files are processed through Adobe Light Room to ensure that the finest detail is retained.

Finally the processed and adjusted images are turned into HDR photospheres before being loaded up on to the Google Servers.

Hand Crafted Virtual Tour Independent Hosting

New for 2016 is the capacity to host the tours outside Google, which allows greater freedom to include content that may not be permitted by Google’s current restrictions.

Independent hosting can be used alongsige Google’s hosting allowing for ‘the best of both worlds’ and insures against future changes.

Enhanced Virtual Tours

The latest generation of enhanced tour allows for the inclusion of information panels, navigation and links to websites, video and other material.

Research has shown that rich content can retain visitors on your website for longer and this can lead to higher conversion rates.

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