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Google Street View Trusted – Enhanced Virtual Tours

Google Street View Trusted virtual tours are rapidly becoming an essential part of their presence for every businesses on the Internet.

Now Contemporary Photography have been selected to supply Enhanced Virtual Tours where some very desirable features not present in the original Google product can be offered on your own website.

Panels featuring further images, relevant text, social networking sharing icons, links to websites and more.

Navigation to let the visitor jump to any point on the tour.

Information icons that open up specific details about features on your tour.

Link from areas of your Virtual Tour straight to video or external websites

Allow visitors purchase goods from the tour via your e-commerce website.

Special restaurant plugin allows clients to book specific tables and choose menus.

Hotel and B&B plugin allows visitors to choose and book rooms.

The Enhanced Virtual Tour is structured to be compatible with every operating system: Internet Explorer 8 and above, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The mobile version fits the smaller screens of Android and iOS devices.


Links can lead to video, websites and a wide variety of other content.

Multi Platform


A blend of state-of-the-art technology, the innovation our enhanced tours offer is unique and in continuous evolution.

A responsive platform that fits the smartest devices touchscreen, tablet or smartphone automatically.

Our Enhanced Tour amplifies the potentialities of Google Maps Business View by providing clients with a new interface with innovative and customisable elements for booking restaurant tables,  services and so on.




The enhanced tour platform allows constant monitoring of data and develops statistics to evaluate the impact of the virtual tour on users. A practical and efficient system tracks the most popular links, the time visitors spend and the elements they visit.


The graphic and technological appearance of our enhanced tours is provided by various plugins which can be activated in a tour to make it more engaging and consequently successful!

Our enhanced tours are in continuous development, with upgrades and new features being introduced.

Through a simple and intuitive control panel, you can configure and customise the content of your enhanced tour.

It is also possible to customise the software to create large scale and multi site tours.