Shackleton-Museum Athy scale model of the Endurance

In what circumstances does it make sense to set up your own Matterport hosting account?

Control, convenience, and cost will drive your decision.

Like a lot of rapidly evolving tech companies, Matterport frequently changes their offering, so it can be a little tricky to assess what might be best for you.

Matterport is a closed system, so you cannot take your tour elsewhere if, like many other leading companies, you want the quality of the product that they exclusively deliver.

For the purpose of this exercise, we will assume that you have or will have, multiple properties that need to be hosted on the system.

We will also assume that these properties need long term hosting, unlike real estate properties that may only be live for a matter of weeks or months.

If your properties are spread out over different countries or regions it may be necessary to employ different Matterport Service Providers (MSPs) to create your virtual tours.

This can create issues with different approaches to the way tours are recorded and produced.

It can be very cumbersome to effect changes where here content must be updated across several virtual tours hosted by different MSPs.

Issues can also arise when it comes to extracting still photographs from the tours if you do not have back end access.

A further issue is the security of supply where an individual Matterport Service Provider may cease to supply the service or cease trading.

Once an account or multiple accounts are created, it is a simple matter to arrange for your Matterport Service provider to upload the tour to your own hosting.

An added advantage is that you can switch the provider at any time you choose, maintaining independence and control.

When it comes to cost, there are so many variables within the many packages that are available.

As a result, each set of circumstances requires careful investigation to choose the best package, or combination of packages, to provide the best long-term solution.

We offer a consultation service based on our experience in this field to choose the best approach to have your virtual tours recorded, edited, and hosted.

We can also provide an ongoing service to ensure you are getting the most appropriate work from your Matterport Service Providers, and edit tours, extract still images, and so on.

Contact us now to start the conversation.