At Contemporary Photography, we are aware that we are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive Matterport Service Provider that you can choose.

There are so many variables that it can be difficult to decide what constituted good value for money.

You may not want all the features listed below, but if you do then at least you will have an idea of the differences you may encounter.



There are many pieces of equipment that can be used to create 360 virtual tours

We use the latest Matterport scanner/camera.


It produces the best quality.

It really is that simple.


Fewer scans cost less.

We take many scans to create a smooth tour that visitors find easy to navigate.

It takes a lot longer to shoot and requires more post-production time, but your potential clients will reward you with higher retention rates.


Meticulous Navigation

All our tours come with navigation that is created by a human, who can still do a better job than an AI (artificial intelligence) program.


Quality Still Photographs

You want the best quality images for use on your website, in brochures, publications, on social media, exhibition stands, and the rest.

The best images are planned before starting the shoot.

It may require additional, especially located scans.

This is where our years of experience come in.

And yes, they are selected and created by a human, not an AI program.


Knowing what is best

Should your tour auto-start to bring your visitor on a journey through your business?

– If so what kind?


Are tags with information a good idea for you?

– If so, should they contain images, links, video?


Should you have a video created for the tour?

– If so, how long?


Will you have exterior 360’s?

– If so, how best to link to them?


Is one single tour, or multiple, linked, tours best for your circumstances?


Should you extract still images from the tour or have them shot separately?


Will you have the tour published to Google Street View?

– If so, how should it be edited?


Do you require 360 photospheres for use on social media?

– If so, which ones will work best?


Leave it to us

We will listen to what you want to achieve and then propose the best, most cost-efficient solution.

Contact us now to start the conversation.