Google Daydream VR Headset

Simple, high-quality virtual reality

The Daydream View headset is made with lightweight fabric, inspired by what you wear. Paired with a controller, both are designed to be easy and intuitive.

The magic that makes this work is a Daydream-ready phone. Take a look at the devices designed and built for virtual reality.

All Google Street View virtual tours supplied by Contemporary Photography are virtual reality ready and can be explored using Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR headsets.

Discover more about Google Daydream on the official Google website



Contemporary Photography are award winning Google Trusted Photographers who supply Google Street View virtual tours to all kinds of businesses in all parts of Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Independent Virtual Tours use similar technology to Google Street View virtual tours but are not bound by the restrictions that Google impose in some circumstances.

Enhanced Virtual Tours add graphics, images, information, links and even a ‘call to action’ to the Google or Independent Virtual Tour.

All tours provided by Contemporary Photography are compatible with Virtual Reality and can be view using Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream VR, Google Cardboard  or other Virtual Reality headsets.

Contemporary Photography is a long established business specialising in commercial photography.

Recent clients of Contemporary Photography include Bank of Ireland, Irish Water, Aer Lingus, Best Western, Great National Hotels and many other businesses ranging from ‘one man bands’ and SMEs to international corporations.