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Google Photo Search Improvements

What a fantastic start to the new year with great news about how your photographs show up in Google search.

Many of our clients, especially in the hospitality sector, have had issues with their beautiful photographs being swamped by terrible snaps posted by other people.

At the World Summit in Amsterdam last year we learned that Google had decided to make changes to the way images appeared in search results.

Google also launched ‘Local Guides’ which encourages those with Gmail accounts on their smartphones to post images as they travel about.

The outcome we learned to our horror was that the photographs posted by the business were muddled up with lots of photographs taken in the same area by people using their smartphones.

Google received a huge number of complaints from certified professional photographers who were seeing their work lost in a sea of mediocrity.

Google listened and have now introduced a new feature which is an additional tab in image results called ‘By Owner’, ‘By Hotel’ or ‘From Menu’

google photo search results from owner tab

Google search results show the new ‘From Business’ tab

All the images posted to the Google Business page and the virtual tour and any associated images correctly tagged and posted by a Certified Google Professional Photographer appear under these tabs.

Those who are searching an area in order to choose a hotel, restaurant or any other business can now go straight to images they know will be relevant to their needs.

A by-product of this change is that well designed Google Street View virtual tours are now even more valuable to a business.

Independent research commissioned by Google shows that embedding a Street View tour in a business website doubles the likelihood of a visitor going on to use the business.

google photo search results from menu tab

Google search results show the new ‘From Menu’ tab

For any business conscious of the importance of how photographs show up in search it is worth learning what the current situation is in a constantly evolving system.

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google photo search results from hotel tab clanard court athy 1800x

Google search results show the new ‘From Hotel’ tab