Google Virtual Tour for Clanard Court Hotel

Contemporary Photography have created a 360 degree Google Virtual Tour for Clanard Court Hotel in Athy, Co Kildare.

The Clanard Court Hotel is set on an 8 acres of landscaped gardens in the rolling countryside of the midlands, about 1 mile from the heritage town of Athy.

The tour allows anyone with an internet connection to virtually visit the hotel 24/7.


Above: the tour is easy to find on Google Search.

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The visitor can move around the splendid lobby getting a sense of the scale of the double height space. They can zoom in on the quality of the comfortable sofas and chairs that are spread around the welcoming reception.

The tour can be followed through to the well stocked Bailey’s Bistro with its wide selection of beverages and daily menus chalked up on the blackboards.

In the other direction the tour can be followed outside to the front of the hotel where the mature planting and well tended gardens are a pleasure to behold.

Clanard Court Hotel Google Virtual Tour1874

Clanard Court Hotel Google Virtual Tour0764

Clanard Court Hotel Google Virtual Tour2012

Along the bottom of the main screen is a ‘runway’ of thumbnail images of the boardroom, meeting rooms, Fitzgerald Banqueting Suite, bedrooms, Revive Treatment Room and even the Emily Garden which has been laid out with weddings in mind.

Select any of these images and you are transported to the location in question – for example one can look at the splendid Suite from a variety of images and even examine the quality of the spacious bathroom.

As well as being great fun the tour has a serious purpose in allowing the viewer to assess the hotel’s facilities before deciding to visit.

The person looking for accommodation can look at each of the room types that the hotel offers as well as the bar, bistro and other facilities they feel are important to their visit.

Clanard Court Hotel 1620x500_0177

The business person thinking of holding a meeting or event can look at the boardroom and conference facilities and assess how they measure up to their requirements.

The bride and groom looking for the perfect venue can see how the banqueting room might look on the day with tables, chairs and wedding decor in place. They can look at the civil wedding service room all laid out to welcome the next Mr & Mrs.

The Emily Garden can be visited to assess its suitability for their wedding photographs – the mature shrubs and trees along with the gazebo making it a picture perfect location.

The wedding planners can even assess the bridal suite and all the other bedroom types their family and guests might require.

Clanard Court Hotel Google Virtual Tour0625

Clanard Court Hotel Google Virtual Tour1172

Clanard Court Hotel Google Virtual Tour 0598

Although the Clanard Court Hotel have been at the forefrontin Ireland of adopting this technology many of the major hotel chains globally are not far behind.

Very soon potential clients will simply not bother making the effort to visit an hotel that may prove to be a disappointment.

It will be the Clanard Courts of the hotel world that will attract more and more of the available business.

Clanard Court Hotel Google Virtual Tour 0062

Clanard Court Hotel Google Virtual Tour 0062

Clanard Court Hotel Google Virtual Tour0459

Oliver Murray of Contemporary Photography said “With a business relationship stretching back a decade it came as no surprise that the team at the hotel were keen to adopt this new technology.

The shoot itself was a breeze and everyone at the hotel played their part with enthusiasm.

I’m very proud of the results which I feel showcase the quality of the hotel so everyone viewing the tour gets a very accurate idea of what to expect when they visit.”

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