Google Five Star Reviews

How to get Google Reviews for your business

Google Reviews for your business matter even more than other reviews because so many people see them.

Those golden stars are like little gems twinkling and encouraging people to choose your business.

It is very unwise to try and purchase reviews from some scam merchants, Google doesn’t like it and people quickly realise they are not genuine, which will just damage your reputation.

No real reviews from real customers, telling it like it is, warts and all, is the way to go.

Now we all like to get five-star reviews, but a range of reviews that have some content detailing the customer’s experience give potential customers a very good idea of what your business is like to deal with.

This is the flyer we created to encourage our clients to make the effort to give us reviews.

Give-Contemporary-Photography-a-Review-on-Google+Business page

Remember “what goes around comes around” so do help the businesses that you deal with by giving them Google Reviews.

Be honest in your reviews, but remember we all have bad days, so be positive and gentle!

Step by Step Instruction on how to get Google Reviews

  1. Go to or the Google Maps App (if on mobile) and search for our business
  2. Click the “Write a Review” button in the right-hand sidebar
  3. If you’re on your phone click “Contemporary Photography” and scroll down until you see the ‘Reviews’ section.
  4. Pick the number of stars you would like to rate us.
  5. Write a review of your experiences with us. If possible please go into detail.
  6. Sign in to your Google or Gmail account if asked to do so

You may download the PDF of these instructions from our WeTransfer Page