Improve the SEO of Your Images

Contemporary Photography shows you a simple technique to improve the visibility of your images in search results.

When Google and other search engines index photographs they often rely on captions or context to generate a description.

By adding a description to the title of each photo your images will show up more readily in connection with a related search.


One of our company websites is ‘’ If you do an image search for ‘See Inside Dingle’ then 19 of the first 20 and 75 out of the first 100 search results originate with the website.

Ideally, adding the description is a two part process. The first part is to replace the IMG_ or similar prefix with see_inside_dingle_. The second optional part is to add additional description elements to the generic title. So we added coach_house_dingle.

We maintain the four digit image identifier that was applied in the camera to facilitate future location of the selected image among other, similar photographs.

You may add specific image details to the description to broaden the search results that the image will be indexed for.

If you are dealing with a modest number of images for use in connection with your business it is worth adding a quite specific description. So the image above would be la_bougie_room_diffuser_coach_house_dingle_kerry-1234.jpg


To see an example of how this works is to search for one of our clients the  ‘Coach House Dingle’ which will return 6 of our images out of the first 10. Of these 6 images, 2 are on our website, 2 are on the client’s website and 2 are on the websites of publications who were supplied with the images.

So setting a searchable title for the images offers benefits wherever the images end up, even when passed on to third parties for publication.


Above: One of the images that we supplied to The Coach House Dingle being used in Irish Country Magazine to promote a consumer competition. The title we added enables the image to show up in Google search.

The Advanced Renamer Utility

This excellent utility is available from

The utility is provided free of charge, but it is good practice to make a voluntary donation if you are using the Renamer commercially.

This enables the author to continue his work which is a win-win situation for all concerned.


Use lower case and add an underscore between words.

Example Replace IMG_1234 with contemporary_photography_1234

The Advanced Renamer also allows the bulk naming or changing of the image metadata



Although in some cases they may be cropped out or retouched by someone recycling the images it is worth putting a watermark on images that other people may want to ‘borrow’

Although the Copyright, Designs, and Patents Act state you own the copyright of any photographs you take, in the real world making an image available on the internet means you are effectively waiving your rights to control the use of the image.

Using a programme like uMark makes adding a watermark to a variety of images a simple task. The utility is available for Windows, MAC and iOS.

Further details in the Uconomix Website



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