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Marketing Experts Opinion on Google Virtual Tours

Marketing 101 the online marketing experts run The New Radar, a blog that keeps their customers up to date on developments in the world.

The following articles appeared on their website and give a good idea of their enthusiasm for Google Street View Virtual Tours.

Allow your potential customers to see your business and walk through it like never before with a virtual tour! Still pictures are old news when it comes to showing your space. With a Google Virtual tour, people will be able to do a street view tour of your business from tablets and mobile devices.

In addition to helping your Google + Local listing page, Google Virtual Tours for businesses are also easily integrated into your website and Facebook pages to compliment your other digital and social media marketing efforts. This will be one of the best investments you can make in getting your business on the radar.

Google Virtual Tours for Restaurants

For restaurants, your business relies on people actually coming in your doors. The chances are increasingly likely that your potential customers are going to check you out online prior to walking in your business. Even if it is just to Google your address, people look for photos, reviews, videos and anything they can to ensure they aren’t wasting their time.

Think about this for a minute… if you were searching for restaurants in the area and one of the restaurants had a virtual tour (like the one above) available and the others did not, which one would you be more likely to choose? Ambiance and the environment people eat in is very important to the overall experience. Not just the food. Now you have a tool to show how amazing your restaurant is.

Do you have spaces for private events or large parties? If you had a virtual tour for your restaurant, people considering your venue would be able to take a tour of your space from a computer, tablet or smartphone. That makes it much more convenient for them and allows you to show anybody anywhere across the globe what your restaurant REALLY looks like and what to expect. Talk about giving yourself an edge over your competitors.

Google Virtual Tours for Retail Stores

For retail businesses, (especially clothing stores), your business relies on people actually coming in your doors.  That’s actually kind of the point of having a physical location rather than just closing your doors and selling your products online.  No matter how much online shopping is rising, there will still be A LOT of people that want to come in your business and try things on, ask questions about products and get a feel for things in hand before making their purchase.

With that being said, chances are increasingly likely that those same people have checked you out online prior to walking in your business.  Even if it was just to Google your address, people look for photos, reviews, videos and anything they can to ensure they aren’t wasting their time.
Imagine for a minute that one of your potential customers Googled you or went to your website or Facebook page and were able to walk through your store like the example above…
You have to admit that walking through the store is a lot more powerful than still photos….

Google virtual tours to SHOW potential customers and clients their business. Whether it is retail, restaurants, clubs & bars, medical offices, car dealerships, salons & spas, event venues, schools and more, virtual tours are a sure fire way to get customers in your doors…before they actual physically walk through your doors.  The Google virtual tour gives businesses an advantage over their competition by allowing their clients to take a walk through their respective spaces rather than just showing pictures.

We took an unscientific poll asking 100 people if they would be more likely to try a business they hadn’t tried before if they could see inside the business via virtual tour and an overwhelming 92% said they would.

The New Radar gave examples of businesses located in the US using Google Street View Virtual Tours

To view Irish Businesses who have Google Street View Virtual Tours follow this link.

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Above: Google Street View Virtual Tour of Aneva Boutique, Neneagh Co Tipperary.

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