Midlands Park Hotel Enhanced Tour

Midlands Park Hotel Enhanced 360 Virtual Tour


Enhanced Virtual Tour of The Great National Hotels

Midlands Park Hotel in Portlaoise.


The interactive virtual tour features website-like drop-down menu navigation.

Pop-up panels contain photographs, relevant information, and links.

The tour features many calls to action including Book Now which leads to the hotel’s website to enable easy conversion to direct bookings.

The tour works with Virtual Reality Goggles so potential clients can visit the hotel virtually.

Content Management allows the hotel to update content at will.

Maintenance and content updating service available.

Hybrid Tour featuring multiple Google Street Vire Tours to maximise SEO value.

Independently hosted tours allow flexibility in adding additional content.

CMS gives access to tour statistics so the hotel can monitor traffic.

Tour can be added to existing hotel Google Analytics account to monitor metrics.

Enhanced Tour Features



Menu Navigation

Pop-Up Panels

  • Images
  • Text
  • Call to Action

Virtual Reality Ready
Works with VR goggles

Hybrid Tour
Contains multiple virtual tours
Google Street View
Independently Hosted tours

Content Management System
Alter content at will
Gives access to the tours statistics

Google Analytics
Add tour to existing hotel account.

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