Top Tips for Google Maps Business View

Top Tips for Google Maps Business View


To ensure you get the very best tour we recommend you do the following exercise.

Starting outside your access doors walk through your premises.

Walk around all the areas the public can access.

Pay particular attention to high up and low down.

Make a list of items that may need attention.

Best results are achieved when:

  • Outside walls are clean
  • Pavements are free of rubbish, cigarette butts, weeds
  • Windows and mirrors are cleaned
  • Faded / out of date posters and signage are removed
  • Floors are vacuumed / washed / brushed
  • Shelves are filled and faced off
  • Displays are tidied

You may consider putting new or additional stock on display.

These tips are relevant for all kinds of businesses and wherever your business is located.

We supply virtual tours for Google Maps Business View, formerly Google Business Photos, throughout Ireland.

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