Video – What is Google Business View

Video – What is Google Business View is a short YouTube video which explains the benefits of a Google Maps Business View virtual tour to your business.

CLICK HERE to view Video

Google Business View appears on Google Search, your Google+ Business Page and Google Maps.
Familiar Street View Technology makes it easy for customers to explore your business before visiting.
Visitors to your Virtual Tour can control how they explore your tour, leading to increased engagement.
Statistics show that the Google Virtual Tour increases the footfall into your premises by 25%-35%.
As a result Google Virtual Tours can significantly increase your sales.
Google Virtual Tours are more effective than, and cost much less than a video tour.

What is included in your Google Virtual Tour?

  • The high quality 360° interactive virtual tour.
  • Premium ‘Point of Interest’ photographs of your business, which can be used for your print and online marketing.
  • Assistance with setting up or optomising your Google+ local business page.
  • Embed code to include the virtual tour in your own website.
  • Short Code to add link to Social Media and emails.